IT and ME

From the time I open my eyes in the morning up to the point I close them later at night, IT is embedded into almost all my activities. May it be work or different aspect of my personal life? IT and I are definitely connected.

After getting ready for work, it’s a long commute to my office so I get by through music. It’s how I get energized, inspired, and focused for the day ahead. When I get to the office, it’s time to get to work. As an auditor, information technology has definitely helped improve the effectivity and efficiency of our field. Computer-assisted audit techniques or CAATs as we call it, is the practice of using computers to automate the IT audit processes. This tool simplifies the data we get from our auditee agencies and allows us to analyze and extract observations which we can make recommendations for in order to help the agency operations (which kind of means the Philippines too so Hey!)

On a more personal note, I’m currently working on changing my diet and trying to live a healthier life (like I try to do every year). IT has undeniably been a huge part of my routine. I have apps on my phone that could count calories just through entering what I’ve eaten for the day. It calculates the calories I burn when and if I ever decide to do that exercise I scheduled (yep, not really).

Additionally, I think that through the advent of IT, information and knowledge has been more widespread, from eBooks, audio books and even just, Google. It has allowed me to get, learn, and even share information about anything under the sun.

Another hobby of mine is watching US TV series’. I enjoy a wide variety of shows, comedy, drama,  sci-fi, thriller and having gadgets that allow me to download and watch my favorite shows anywhere and anytime is amazing. I basically have a TV in my pocket.

One more big effect IT has on my life is through the impact of IT on communication. Location really isn’t a huge factor anymore. You can communicate with almost anyone in the world. See them live even. As someone who has a lot of family members abroad, it’s certainly good to have these lines of communication with them anytime you feel the need to hear their voice or see their faces.

IT has definitely been an amazing part of our world’s development and I’m just blessed to be part of a generation that know it and can use it to an advantage. It definitely makes my life easier, better and gives me more out of what I put in. I’m just looking forward to all the new crazy things in the future,  and I’m sure they’ll be so much more.


17 thoughts on “IT and ME

  1. It will be more fun sleeping with Versace on the Floor 😂. Well, IT helped me bridge my Energy Gap. I can’t imagine my future ME without IT. Maybe 15 years back then, I was able to live my life without it, but now almost everything I do is dependent on IT.

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