Does IT Really Matter?

My first blog post was entitled IT and ME. In that post, I enumerated various aspects of my life which involved IT, and there were a lot! Little did I know. IT’s grasp on me is far more than just music, email and mobile applications. IT is embedded in everything I do even though sometimes I don’t realize it.

From Knowledge Management within my organization to Social Media. What I knew of IT was just the surface. And even after this trimester, there’s still a lot to discover. The good thing about IT is, when we learned it, knowledge didn’t stop flowing. It became a catalyst and bridged thousands more of discoveries.

Through IT, we have become better students, better workers, managers, citizens, learners, artists, scientists, and yes, better people. The speed and accuracy of which IT improves our lives is an immeasurable accomplishment. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for personal or work you use IT, it betters you. Through this course, I have learned to appreciate IT beyond the gadgets and the social media. IT is one of the most powerful tools today. I only wish to learn more of it so I can take advantage. So, does IT matter? ICYMI in the previous paragraphs, IMHO, yes IT does.


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